AAHP Members know that we are here to support them through labour relations and collective bargaining processes. We also undertake many other activities to proactively and professionally advance employment and workplace issues.

Examples of the other work we carry out include:

  • Planning and hosting Member events such as site visits;
  • Supporting Members with workplace initiatives such as the new Job Evaluation System;
  • Participating as an active partner in the oversight and management of the Public Service Pension Plan;
  • Contributing to the development of public health care policy;
  • Promoting occupational health and safety initiatives;
  • Recognizing and supporting professional awareness initiatives such as Social Workers’ Month and public initiatives such as International Women’s Days;
  • Conducting background research on the latest developments for negotiations and employment benefits;
  • Lobbying government for improvements to health care and the workplace;
  • Supporting Members’ training and education;
  • Engaging in public relations to raise the profile of the AAHP and the work our Members do;
  • Engaging Legal Services on complex Member issues;
  • Participating in Political Action Campaigns;
  • Collaborating with Community Groups, Employers and Labour Partners on mutual priority areas; and
  • Carrying out all the administrative duties needed to keep our organization running.