In 2014 the AAHP was an active member in the Public Sector Pension Plan (PSPP) Reform Initiative with the Provincial Government and other Public Sector Unions. Our mutual goals included:

  • Ensuring we retained a sustainable defined-benefit pension plan;
  • Allowing for a reasonable retirement income for public service employees; and
  • Putting the PPSP on track to be fully funded within 30 years.

December 2014 marked a significant milestone when Labour partners and Government entered into formal agreements and new legislation was introduced to allow for a jointly managed PSPP. Further information about the Initiative and the agreements can be found here.

Today, the AAHP has a representative sitting on the Sponsorship body to provide oversight to the PPSP. We also have a representative serving as a Director on the PPSP Board to provide oversight to the new corporation.

If you have a question about the AAHP’s involvement in the PPSP or concerns you would like to bring forward, contact our staff, our Board & Executive Officers or submit online.