The AAHP is an independent union representing allied health care professionals in Newfoundland and Labrador. We take pride our strong reputation for integrity, credibility, and professionalism. We understand, and have an unrelenting focus on the unique needs, interests and concerns of the Allied Health Care Professionals we represent. We attribute much of our success to the fact that the AAHP was founded by, and run by, Allied Health Care Professionals – for Allied Health Care Professionals.

Some of our key strengths include:

  • Our capacity to respond quickly to our Members when concerns arise. We are there when our Members need us and guarantee that when a Member reaches out for support with a grievance or other workplace issue we respond within a working day or less;
  • Our commitment to ensure fair representation of small disciplines as well as large disciplines, across all regions. Whether you are the only AAHP Member in your profession or you belong to a group of 100 – you can expect the same treatment from the AAHP;
  • All Members have equal opportunity to participate in matters affecting their rights and the administration of the Association;
  • We work closely with our Members to ensure their needs are being met; and
  • We adopt a very professional attitude towards labour relations. We recognize the delivery of high quality care and treatment to their clients and patients is a top priority for our Members. This means we exhaust the entire collective bargaining process when we go to the negotiating table and before we consider actions such as a strike – even then, any action contemplated is brought back to the Members for voting.

As a labour union, AAHP Members enjoy many of the same benefits of larger, trade unions. First, and foremost, our Members have the advantage of the solidarity and strength of many collective voices in negotiating for fair and equitable working conditions with their employers and advocating for the protection of workers’ rights. It would be very hard for an employee to achieve these objectives on their own. Further details about the work we carry out to support our Members can be found under the Collective Bargaining, Labour Relations, Public Service Pension Plan, and Education sections of our website and in the Members’ Area.

Be a Part of a Labour Movement

Belonging to the AAHP is about more than the benefits and services available to our Members. Belonging to the AAHP means our Members are a part of the broader labour movement with other unions in Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout Canada. Over the decades, labour organizations have collectively worked to achieve many milestones – not just for their respective members, but for all workers and society in general. Some of these include:

  • helping eliminate inequities in unionized and non-unionized workplaces, such as closing the gender gap;
  • increasing the likelihood that more employees have access to a dental and health care plan, coverage for sickness or accidents, and a pension plan to which their employer contributes;
  • helping make workplaces and working conditions safer;
  • advocating to preserve and protect health care, education and other important public services; and
  • providing leadership on issues that are important to their members and the communities they live in such as the fight for civil rights, Medicare, public education, pensions, the minimum wage, and better working conditions