The Association of Allied Health Professionals (AAHP) represents over 750 highly skilled health professionals in the provincial public sector.  Last week, AAHP Members voted to ratify its next Collective Agreement with the Provincial Government of Newfoundland with 97% agreement to accept the contract.

It has been a long and strenuous negotiation process which we began approximately 3 years ago.  The acceptance of this deal means zero wage increases and eliminates severance packages for any new members to AAHP after the deadline of March 31, 2018.  Government wanted to eliminate its severance liability on their books and were adamant that this had to be done.  For new employees who join AAHP after the formal signing of the contract there is a change in Employee/Employer contribution rates for Group Insurance Benefits upon Retirement.   For these employees, a sliding scale is being introduced where an individual may continue with their insurance benefits when they retire if they have a minimum of 15 years of service when they will pay 85% of the premiums and the employer will 15%.   Employees’ share of the premium rates will decrease as their years of service increase.  Only when the Employee reaches 30 + years of service will they be eligible for the 50/50 contribution rate.  Other highlights include a job security clause which states that lay-offs on the basis of budgetary reasons are prohibited for the term of the agreement and a clause respecting Public Private Partnerships that will help ensure the AAHP will remain as the bargaining agent for employees in the event a new structure is built to offer services currently delivered by AAHP members.

If you would like further information on this new Collective Agreement please go to the AAHP website where it will be posted once all parties have signed the final agreement.  This Collective Agreement will expire June 30, 2020.


We sincerely thank the Negotiation Team for their time and commitment throughout this process and we look forward to preparing for a much better outcome for our Members in the future!


Virginia Whitten

President, AAHP