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As news of the Fort McMurray wildfires and the evacuation of thousands of residents broke, the AAHP quickly responded with a contribution of $1000 to the Red Cross to support relief efforts. Like most Newfoundland and Labradorians, many of our members have friends, relatives and colleagues living in the Fort McMurray area. We also recognize that when disasters like this occur, we all relate to the devastation and the need to take action to support our fellow citizens wherever they may be.

At work, at home and in our communities, AAHP members strive everyday to fulfill our mandate – “Together, we help make life better.”  With our contribution, we join thousands of others in our province and across Canada to help make life better for all those impacted by the disaster.

The AAHP encourages everyone to consider making a donation to help provide relief and support to the residents of Fort McMurray at: