We Are a Proud Member of CFNL

The Association of Allied Health Professionals (AAHP) is proud to be a member of Common Front NL – a broad based coalition of labour, community, social justice groups and concerned citizens, representing over 100,000 Newfoundlander’s and Labradorians, who have come together to push for a different vision for our province.

Common Front NL’s aim is to produce quality research, engage the public in discussion about options for a strong economy for NL and develop relationships with government to influence public policy on the kind of economy that works for everyone. The Coalition is deeply concerned about the future of our province in light of the recent provincial budget, in the context of the current economic downturn, and believes our province’s response must be a measured, well thought out, long term plan.

Visit www.WeAreNL.ca to learn more about Common Front NL, current issues and research, upcoming events and how you can get involved. You can also contact Common Front NL at [email protected].