Congratulations to the Latest Recipients

The Association of Allied Health Professionals (AAHP) is very pleased to announce the winners of our latest AAHP Members’ Education Fund:

  • Mary Rogers, Physiotherapist                                     $500.00

    Vanessa Burry, Physiotherapist                                    450.00

    Carla Butt, Physiotherapist                                           425.00

    Ashli Hayes, Psychologist                                             500.00

    Edwin Riggs, Social Worker                                          500.00

    Joanne Reid, Physiotherapist                                       500.00

    Susan Quinton, Physiotherapist                                   500.00

    Penny Power, Physiotherapist                                     500.00

    Cindy Perry, Physiotherapist                                        500.00

    Dana Snedden, Occupational Therapist                      500.00

    Kaila Erb, Occupational Therapist                               411.80

    Diana Martin, Speech Language                                 500.00

    Carla Douglas, Physiotherapist                                   500.00

    Brenda Buckingham, Occupational Therapist             500.00

    Thelma Hardy, Physiotherapist                                   113.20

  • Every year, the AAHP awards up to $14,000 to support our Members in accessing professional development and education opportunities they need whether its to enhance their professional competencies, help advance their career progression, or keep abreast of new technologies and practices. Check out our Education page to learn more.

IMPORTANT! The next application deadline date for the AAHP Members’ Education Fund is May 15, 2018.