AAHP's 2022 Scholarship Awards

The AAHP is very pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 Scholarship Awards!

AAHP General Scholarships ($1000)

  • Isaac Marshall (AAHP Member Krista Marshall)
  • Leah March (AAHP Member Kerri March)
  • Megan Hillier (AAHP Member Renee Hillier)
  • Shea Harte (AAHP Member Lori Harte)
  • Willow Squires (AAHP Member Kim Barron Squires)
  • Rachel O’Leary (AAHP Member Bonnie O’Leary)

AAHP’s Bruce Callahan Memorial Scholarship ($1500)

  • Gina Stacey (AAHP Member Lorelei Stacey)


Congratulations!  We hope these scholarships play a valuable role in helping your achieve your education and career goals.