Collective bargaining with employers on behalf of AAHP Members is one of our primary roles. During every round of collective bargaining, the AAHP negotiates with employers to protect Members’ rights and improve employment and working conditions, as well as the health care system, to help Make Life Better for our Members as well as the clients and patients they serve and the communities they live in.

The Terms & Conditions We’ve Fought For

The collective bargaining process concludes with a legally binding, mulit-year Collective Agreement, signed by the Union and the employers. Download AAHP’s latest collective agreement. Many of the employment terms and conditions in our agreement are the result of hard fought labour negotiations over the years with employers, such as:

  • Defined hours of work;
  • Pay that reflects workers skills, experience and contributions;
  • Negotiated paid and unpaid leave benefits, including maternity leave, sick leave and education leave;
  • Opportunities for advancement and professional development;
  • Job security;
  • Protections from being fired without reason;
  • Formal, fair process for addressing workplace grievances;
  • Safer and healthier workplaces;
  • More protection from discrimination, harassment and violence; and
  • Greater fairness and transparency in hiring and promotion.

The AAHP usually enters into the collective bargaining process with employers every four years. We establish a negotiations team comprised of AAHP Members that represents the whole of our Membership.   Updates about the latest round of collective bargaining and how AAHP Members can provide input are included in the Members’ Area.

The Right to Strike

The AAHP is governed by the Public Service Collective Bargaining Act which does provide for the right to strike. However, as a union representing professionals in health care, the right to strike would only be considered after exhausting all available avenues in order to settle bargaining impasses. All AAHP members are given the opportunity to vote on any job action taken by the Association.